Getting to lake mburo National park and what to do there


girrafesLake Mburo national park is located in the southern part of Uganda .it is the smallest national park in Uganda and it covers a small area compared to other national parks in Uganda. it was named after the famerous  lake mburo that is found within the park. Lake Mburo national park is a home of very many species of fauna and flora that cannot be found elsewhere in Uganda and these include zebras, common dukilers, impala, reedbuck, buffaloes and birds. Lake Mburo national park has been recorded as the only place In Uganda where you can see the gigantic antelope, zebra, topi, impala and other acacia associated birds. the national can be accessed by road transport and the drive from Kampala to lake mburo national park via the mbarara high way usually takes 3 to 4 hours and the other roads that access the park include kabale mbarara,kasese mbarara and many others .

Birding is among the major activities that are carried out in Lake Mburo national park. there are different types of birds in lake mburo and these include the following swamp birds, forest birds and the savanna birds lake mburo visitors are also delighted  with colourful birds making the tour so enjoyful and it should be noted the visitors who are interested in birding should not forget their birding gargets the is blessed with 313 species of birds which rare shoe bill, white winged wrablers,brown parrot, crested francoin,red necked spur, green wood hoope,blue necked mouth bird,nibian woodpecker and many other making the uganda safari interesting .

Lake mburo and other 4 lakes that also found within the national park attracts hippos, crocodile and avarity of birds these lakes provide great opportunities to the creation of new recreational  activities like swimming, boat riding and sport fishing. game viewing is another activity in the park, the park  has got 68 different species of mammals and the common ones include zebras, impala, buffalos, leopard,  elephants, and many others .guided foot safaris are also carried in lake mburo national park ,forest walks are also carried especially around Rubanga forest and in addition the nature walks are also done because the landscape of lake Mburo national park  is gently sloping that favour tourists to move around the national park and fell the beauty of lake Mburo national park. Boat trips around lake mburo and the 4 other lakes make the boat trips enjoyful, fishing is also another activity that is carried out on the lake Mburo national park and the 4 other lakes in the national park. Lake Mburo is place in western Uganda that one should not miss after arriving in Uganda.


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